Donate Time

The heart and soul of any community organization is its people and the St. Clair County Historical Society is no different.

Why should you volunteer with the STCCHS?

  • You can help us follow our mission to connect the people of the county with their past.
  • You can aid in preserving the past for future generations.
  • You can have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped a community organization to teach and grow.
  • You can have fun with your friends and neighbors while helping a worthwhile cause.

Already know how you’d like to help? Contact us.

How You Can Help

Here are the areas where we’d love to have your help.

Don’t think that you are limited to these areas. We welcome people with constructive ideas and creativity!

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Volunteer Areas

Archives and Collections

A volunteer working with our archives and collections will:

  • Assist in cataloguing, scanning, storing and preserving the society’s artifact collection and library.
  • Suggest ways in which the Society might better use its collections to inform and engage our neighbors and our communities.
  • Use technology (PastPerfect museum software, scanners, digital cameras) to aid in displaying and recording our collections.


A volunteer assisting with outreach will:

  • Help to explore and pursue ways to spread the word about the STCCHS and what we do.
  • Meet with individuals and groups to spread the message and goals of the STCCHS in seeking potential partners for our programs.
  • Interact with people at special public events to tell them about who we are and what we do.
  • Promote the STCCHS and its efforts using a variety of media.


A volunteer helping out with exhibits will:

  • Assist in designing arranging, displaying and describing exhibits at the Victorian Home Museum and elsewhere.
  • Suggest and discuss ideas for exhibits and possible locations for travelling exhibits.
  • Work together with outreach volunteers to use exhibits as a teaching tool and to promote the STCCHS and its mission.

Special Events

Volunteers lending a hand with special events will:

  • Coordinate with event organizers to provide support for the event.
  • Aid in making our events including the Fashion Promenade and the Historic Houses Tour a success by lending support.
  • Suggest new special events or existing community events where the STCCHS might play a more active role.