Education stands at the center of the St. Clair County Historical Society’s identity. Our primary goal is to educate and excite the people of St. Clair County about their history and to share the amazing story of our county with visitors.

Here are a few of the resources that we use to teach, inform and inspire:

  • COLLECTIONS: Our museums recreate life in the past and our extensive collections are filled with artifacts that make the county’s history come alive. Find out more about our Collections.
  • LIBRARY: Our research library, housed at the Victorian Home Museum, contains hundreds of books, articles, periodicals, journals, manuscripts and other printed sources to support your research or spark your interest. Learn more about the library.
  • PUBLICATIONS:The Society encourages research into the history of the county and we publish two periodicals that showcase this research: our monthly newsletter and our yearly journal. Discover more about our publications.
  • ONLINE RESOURCES: The Internet has emerged as an excellent resource for teaching and learning. There are many resources related to the county’s history online. Read more about those online resources.